Tonight I had the great pleasure of dancing with Lazaro, a short cropped, white haired man from la isla de Cuba!


Right in my home town, bonafied Cubanos!  It is amazing : )


It is like they come out of the wood work, these amazing dancers.  I was speaking with one of the promoters of the event tonight and speculated that there are probably so many amazing dancers here in our home town they just stay home!


I want to thank you Lazaro for dancing with me so many times tonight!

I also must say that I enjoyed dancing with everyone tonight.  It was a special one : )


Muchas Gracias y Que Dios se bendiga.


Aloha Love, Sarah



Entering the Corporate World through Latin Dance, Meditation & Co-Creative Partnership

Wow, that was a mouthful!  Yes, I am expanding my business into the corporate sector, utilizing my philosophy of dance: that dance is a great metaphor for life and all that we learn and utilize on the dance floor to be our best dancers can be utilized off the dance floor to live and experience our best lives while inspiring, uplifting and magnetizing empowerment all over the world, with the meditative, mindful, co-creative, evolutionary processes I have been learning over the past several years!


I look forward to tracking the progress, watching business grow and expand beyond belief in sustainable, practical and enlivening ways while we all transform and reach our fullest potentials in each and every moment, living our fullest lives yet!

Here we Goooo…


Welcome to Salsa for the Soul: a living dance

Salsa for the Soul: a living dance.  Yes it is!

Here at Salsa for the Soul, dance is about evolution.

How can I be the best dancer I can be?  How can I be the best person I can be?  Take the skills and abilities you exhibit on the dance floor and apply them all to your daily lives!  Presence, connection, trust, communication, honor, respect, fun, love, happiness, joy, creativity…the list goes on!

In this moment, practice BEING the fabulous dancer you are in EVERY aspect of your life: while driving, washing the dishes, walking down the stairs.  Experience how this level of presence in your every day life will transform each and every moment into a fuller experience more focused and in tune with life as it is!

Exciting : )